CBS Co-Host Hints at Gun Control: ‘What Do Lawmakers Need to Do to Finally Turn this Corner?’

Curtis Houck | July 8, 2016
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The major broadcast networks were relatively calm, professional, and sober on Friday morning in their reporting of the deadly ambush of police officers in Dallas, Texas, but there were still a few moments in which the issue of gun control or criticism of police was prevalent with CBS This Morning offering a few examples.

Speaking to NAACP President Cornel Williams Brooks in the 8:00 a.m. Eastern hour, the fill-in co-hosts offered questions from the left about officer-involved shootings in America with the first one from Jamie Yuccas making clear that “[y]ou have two very separate issues happening here that are both tragedies,” but the country ha nonetheless “become so divisive in terms of how we’re talking about both of these issues.”

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