CBS, CNN Praise Biden Launching ‘Assault’ to ‘Unravel’ Trump’s Legacy


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When President Trump took office four years ago and took a pen and a phone to President Obama’s signature policy accomplishments, the liberal media looked on in horror as they decried Trump for dismantling his legacy. But now, they looked on with glee as President Biden set out to “unravel the last four years,” as CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell put it, with a stack of 17 executive orders not long after getting in the White House.

O’Donnell set the tone for her broadcast in the opening tease. Declaring: “Tonight, the President gets down to business, working to unravel the last four years, signing 17 executive actions, including a mask mandate exactly one year since the first case of coronavirus came to our shores.”

In her second round of teases (because CBS feels like repeated what they just said literally just seconds prior, only live), O’Donnell touted how Biden was “already getting down to business” and “signing a series of sweeping executive actions that roll back his predecessor's policies and recommit America to being part of the global community.”


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