CBS Claims Trump Supporters Plan to ‘Storm the Capitol’ With ‘Weapons’


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CBS Evening News wore their hatred for Trump supporters on their sleeve Tuesday as anchor Norah O’Donnell and White House correspondent Weijia Jiang claimed, without evidence, that pro-Trump protesters gathering in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday planned to bring “weapons” and “storm the Capitol” building in some kind of coup attempt.

O’Donnell was pushing the vague speculation from very early on in the program. During her opening rundown of the stories they’d be covering, O’Donnell reported: “Now tens of thousands of the President's supporters who disagree with the outcome of the election are expected to rally outside the Capitol tomorrow, with growing concern tonight there could be violence.”

Where was CBS getting this information? It was none of your business according to Jiang, who only said she got it from an anonymous “senior Defense official.”


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