CBS Boosts Conspiracy Theory GOP Lawmakers Part of ‘Inside Job’ Attack on Capitol


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With absolutely ZERO evidence to back up the assertion, CBS Evening News spent part of Wednesday’s newscast giving oxygen to a conspiracy theory spawned from a Democratic congresswoman, claiming Republican members of Congress were in league with the insurrectionists and intentionally gave them “reconnaissance” assistance. The network even brought on a former U.S. attorney to call them Benedict Arnolds.

Was it an inside job? New allegations that some members of Congress gave tours to rioters who stormed the Capitol,” anchor Norah O’Donnell loudly proclaimed during the opening tease, teeing up the fact-free report from chief Justice correspondent Jeff Pegues.

When it was his turn to smear Republicans with the unsubstantiated allegations, Pegues touted how New Jersey “Democrat Mikie Sherrill, a combat veteran, accused some of her congressional colleagues of working with the demonstrators.”


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