CBS Boasts ‘Legacy-Defining’ Summit, ABC Lauded Biden Snapping at CNN


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President Biden concluded his Geneva, Switzerland summit with nothing to show for it but some nice photos of him shaking hands with Russian authoritarian Vladimir Putin and footage of Russian security manhandling the American press. But that didn’t stop CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell from delivering a doting segment proclaiming it a “legacy-defining” summit, despite admitting it went nowhere.

Meanwhile, there was a strange sight on ABC’s World News Tonight where anchor David Muir and chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega were so sycophantic for Biden, that they lauded him for snapping at CNN chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins.

O’Donnell had teased her doting closing comments at the top of the program. “And diplomacy in action. While two world leaders practice the politics of personal relationships,” she gushed. “Tonight, we wanted to end with what we've witnessed here in Geneva, the Swiss city of peace,” she announced when they finally got to the segment.


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