CBS Blames Israel for the Conflict, Pushes False Info on Evictions

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 17, 2021
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On Monday, CBS Evening News continued its unholy crusade against the Jewish state of Israel by blaming them for the conflict and pushing misinformation about the evictions in East Jerusalem.  It came as the network was still using Gaza casualty numbers provided by the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry, and they scoffed at the idea that Israel’s airstrikes were “surgical.”

As we come on the air, Israeli warplanes continue to pound Gaza, destroying the network of underground tunnels used by Hamas, reducing entire buildings to rubble, and killing more than 200,” decried anchor Norah O’Donnell at the top of the newscast.

Without noting that Hamas rockets were falling on their own people, O’Donnell suggested it was solely Israel’s doing that “many Palestinians in Gaza [were] now without clean water or fuel.” In reality, we know that Hamas rockets had landed on one of the power connections between Israel and Gaza

That’s right, Israel provided power to Gaza, which was something the liberal and anti-Semitic media won’t tell their viewers the truth about.