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CBS Bizarrely Wonders About 'Normal Kinds' of Shootings; Promotes Pro-Gun Control Protests


<p><em>CBS This Morning</em>'s slant towards gun control emerged again on 8 January 2012 as they reported on the upcoming meetings of Vice President Joe Biden's task force on new firearms regulations. Despite a graphic spotlighting how "activists on both sides" were ready for a "fight" on the issue, the morning show only featured pictures of pro-gun control demonstrations, including one of a far left Code Pink protester disrupting a recent NRA press conference.<br /><br />Anchor Charlie Rose also asked CBS News political director John Dickerson an eyebrow-raising question regarding the passage of federal gun control legislation in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut:</p><p>CHARLIE ROSE: How much pressure comes from the gun control lobby?...<strong>do they believe that there's something different, though, because this was about those 20 young kids, rather than normal kinds of awful tragic shootings?</strong></p>

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