CBS Bashes Maskless GOP Rep. Who Helped Protect Their Reporter


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When Trump-backed insurrectionists stormed the Capitol viciously beating Capitol Police and chanting “hang Mike Pence,” leading to the death of five people, Republican Congressman Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma was one of the few lawmakers who sprang into action to help police protect their colleagues and reporters in the chambers. But according to multiple CBS reporters, he was a terrible guy because he did it all while refusing to wear a facemask.

In photos from that terrible day, Congressman Mullin can be seen helping to stack heavy furniture to bar the door and prevent the extremists from streaming into the House chamber, and do God only knows what, since one attacker was photographed carrying zip ties. Despite that, CBS political reporter Grace Segers bashed him for not wearing a facemask while doing it.

Congressman Markwayne Mullin was one of the lawmakers who bravely helped barricade the doors to the House chamber. But according to video obtained by @PunchbowlNews, he was not wearing a mask, and even appeared to decline one when another lawmaker was handing them out,” she tweeted last Friday.

What a way to thank someone who literally put themselves in harm’s way to protect others.


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