CBS Attacks Trial Judge for Rebuking Maxine Waters’ Call to Violence


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In strong comments during the closing arguments in the Derrek Chauvin trial on Monday, Judge Peter Cahill rebuked radical Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA) for calling on Black Lives Matter to be more violent if the jury returned a not guilty verdict. And like clockwork, CBS Evening News framed Judge Cahill as the problem, even the aggressor by claiming he was “lashing out” at Waters and perhaps working with the defense team.

Following a segment on the trial’s closing arguments in general, CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell stepped in to defend the radical Congresswoman. “And Jamie, something extraordinary happened after the jury left to deliberate. The judge lashing out at a U.S. congresswoman. Even mentioning the possibility, a verdict could be overturned in the future,” she teed up correspondent Jamie Yuccas.

Yuccas’ first move was to downplay and brush over what Waters said to the BLM mob. “Wow, it was something. California Democrat Maxine Waters was with protesters in Brooklyn Center this weekend and she said ‘I hope we get a verdict that's guilty, guilty, guilty. If we don't, we have to get more confrontational,’” she said.


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