Carville: Republicans Are in Cahoots With the ‘KGB’ to Rig Election


<p><span id="docs-internal-guid-ad37b0be-2579-3236-1fe8-61937cadb943">On&nbsp;</span><em>MSNBC Live</em>&nbsp;October 31, Clinton surrogate James Carville got into a heated exchange with anchor Thomas Roberts over the renewed FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton&rsquo;s e-mails. Carville, a staunch Clinton supporter, became angry at Roberts for not parroting his viewpoint that Republicans were trying to influence the election. From the get-go, Carville repeatedly made ludicrous claims about the &ldquo;House Republicans&rdquo; working with the &ldquo;KGB&rdquo; to threaten the FBI, in order to rig the election.</p>


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