Calm GOP Congressman Battles RAGING Cuomo on Right to Vax

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 26, 2021
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Chris “Fredo” Cuomo was back from vacation Monday and CNN’s Prime Time was every bit a clown show it always was. For much of the program, the emotionally chafed Cuomo shouted and screamed about people who chose to take the risk and not get vaccinated. And even though Fredo claimed he didn’t want to “shame” people, he railed against them for making a stupid, dumb, and wrong decision. Luckily, Florida Congressman Byron Donalds (R) was there to be the calm and reasonable voice.

Besides lying about not wanting to shame people, Fredo also suggested he didn’t hate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who did a far better job at keeping his elderly resident alive compared to Fredo’s brother, New Governor Andrew Cuomo (D). And Cuomo’s animosity towards Republicans was on full display as he took it out on Donalds, accusing him of being responsible for getting Floridians sick and killed.

Do you feel responsible for spreading a message where ‘I'm not going to take it because I don't care what Biden wants. Byron Donalds is not going to take it because he doesn't care what Biden wants.’ You think that is a good message for people to hear,” he sneered.

What Cuomo was doing was deceptively taking a quote Donalds had given a reporter out of context to make it seem as though it was from an official statement on not getting vaccinated.