Broken Dam? NBC Press Panel Shocked By Cuomo, ABCer Calls for Ouster


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Had the dam finally broken? While CBS was the lone broadcast network hold out on Sunday hiding the latest sexual harassment allegation against Governor Chris Cuomo on their major programs, the panels on ABC’s This Week and NBC’s Meet the Press were shocked and disgusted, with one Democratic panelist saying it was time him to go.

CBS News did have a nine-minute long segment on Cuomo’s many scandals and allegations of misconduct, it was unfortunately relegated to their online streaming service CBSN. In contrast, the other broadcast Sunday talk shows made sure they cover it.

Right in the middle of Meet the Press, moderator Chuck Todd shifted gears and directly brought up the sexual harassment allegations against the embattled Governor. And after reading from Cuomo’s statement responding to allegations of his second accuser, Charlotte Bennett, Todd seemed legitimately disgusted by what Cuomo appeared to admit to.


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