Brinkley: Voters Are ‘Tired’ of Hillary’s E-Mails, WikiLeaks; Hopes GOP Will Rally to Her Post-Election

Curtis Houck | October 28, 2016
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CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley was at it again on Thursday’s CNN Tonight spinning for liberals as he aired his discomfort with discussing the WikiLeaks e-mail dumps from John Podesta’s account since it was “an illegal one” but brushed them aside as not “really that damning” because “a lot of voters have been hearing about Hillary Clinton's e-mails and servers and WikiLeaks for a year now, and they're tired of it.”

As if that grade-A use of Clinton talking points wasn’t enough, Brinkley returned in a later segment and twice offered his hope that the “country rallies behind her and they'll be a little bit of bipartisan good will for a while” and see Democrats and “responsible Republicans” in Congress make progress on “immigration reform, perhaps some infrastructure projects.”

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