What? Brian Williams Says Armored Cleveland Police Look Like Luke Skywalker, But Not Friendly


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<p>MSNBC&rsquo;s Brian Williams has been on the air quite a great deal with all the horrifying news across the globe, so this one struck this writer as particularly strange early Sunday night when he described armored Cleveland police officers as looking like<strong> &ldquo;Luke Skywalker&rdquo;</strong> instead of <strong>&ldquo;friendlier&rdquo;</strong> police patrolling without protection for themselves.</p>

<p><strong>&ldquo;We&#39;ve seen there the two steps of security from the friendlier looking bicycle police wearing shorts, local Cleveland P.D., to the kind of Luke Skywalker look on the new uniforms among the more armored bicycle cops,&rdquo; </strong>Williams pontificated.&nbsp;</p>

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