Brian Williams Fails to Mention Star of NBC's Upcoming Peter Pan Telecast is His Own Daughter

Matthew Balan | July 30, 2014
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On the 30 July 2014 edition of NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams left out a key detail from his news brief about his network's upcoming live production of Peter Pan. Williams noted that "Allison Williams will play the role of Peter Pan," but left out that the actress is his first-born child.

During the 37-second news brief, the anchor mentioned that the younger Williams is "currently in the cast of Girls on HBO," and included a detail about his daughter's childhood:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: And our own network, NBC, has set the casting for the two lead parts of its live theatrical telecast of 'Peter Pan' on the evening of December 4. Over 21 million viewers watched the network's production of 'Sound of Music' this past winter. A few days back, it was confirmed Christopher Walken had signed on to play Captain Hook. Just today, NBC announced Allison Williams will play the role of Peter Pan. The actress and singer is currently in the cast of 'Girls' on HBO. Family members confirm she's been rehearsing for this role since the age of three, and they look forward to seeing her fly.

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