Brennan Yells at Surgeon General to Vaccinate Trump Despite Medical Advice


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One of the more annoying things that the elitist media does in the course of their profession, was to think that just because they spend some time covering something it meant that they’re suddenly trained experts in the field. Thus was the case on Sunday’s Face the Nation, were talking head Margaret Brennan began yelling at Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams to vaccinate President Trump on camera, despite medical advice not to. She also accused Republicans of being anti-vaccine.

Teeing herself up to attack Dr. Adams on vaccinating Trump, Brennan cited a Kaiser Family Foundation poll that suggested that “42 percent” of Republicans were hesitant against taking the vaccine.

“That same study from the Kaiser Foundation shows the vaccine hesitancy cuts across racial lines, it also across political ones. But I want to drill in here, because the highest amount of hesitancy about taking the shot is from Republicans, 42 percent according to Kaiser. Rural residents, 35 percent,” she told Adams.

But while Brennan was busy knocking round Republicans and rural folks (a majority of each were not hesitant), independents were right up there with them at 36 percent. And that’s not to mention how almost 30 percent of health care workers were also hesitant.


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