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Boot: Trump Is an ‘Arsonist’ Putting Out His Own North Korea Fire


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From almost the very beginning, President Trump played down expectations for the North Korea summit, even suggesting it may not even happen. But now that the President was walking away with a signed commitment, which he acknowledged might fall through, liberal news outlets were questioning why they even had the summit at all. On Tuesday’s edition on CNN Tonight, author Max Boot argued Trump shouldn’t really get any credit because he was putting out the fire he started.

At the top of the program, the majority anti-Trump panel couldn’t figure out why the two counties needed to meet to discuss anything. “Let's … talk about what Scott [Jennings] said, at least we're off the brink of a nuclear war. Wasn't it the President's rhetoric in the first place that put us in that,” wondered host Don Lemon. “I'm wondering did you need to have this summit in order to get what these two people got?

Of course, Boot responded by suggesting most of the blame for the rhetorical threats and insults that flew around last year were mostly Trump’s fault. “[A] lot of the reason we were on the brink of nuclear war last year (…) [was] because of the reckless and irresponsible rhetoric from Donald Trump ratcheting up the tensions,” he asserted.

And so now this is kind of the arsonist getting credit for putting out the fire,” he declared. To make sure he didn’t look completely foolish, Boot did note that North Korea was making some sort of provocative display with their nuclear weapons towards the U.S. at the time. He also completely overlooked how this got started then North Korea killed American student Otto Warmbier.


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