Boom: Tucker Carlson, Joe Concha Torch Liberal Media Over March Coverage, Stormy Daniels

Curtis Houck | March 27, 2018
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Monday night on the Fox News Channel, FNC host Tucker Carlson and The Hill’s Joe Concha hammered the liberal media for their criticism-free coverage of the anti-gun, vile Parkland students, the March for Our Lives, and their obsessive coverage of Stormy Daniels having little effect on President Trump’s poll numbers. 

Carlson started his eponymous show with a monologue about the March that lambasted “the media” for having “dutifully amplified” the pleas to ban guns by “form[ing] a protective ring around the activists” from fact-checking or opposing viewpoints solely because of their age and awful circumstances.

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