BOOM: CNN’s Baldwin Destroys Hypocritical Libs for Excusing Keith Olbermann

Scott Whitlock | May 31, 2018
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[See NewsBusters for more.] The rolling disaster that is talk show host Samantha Bee’s hateful attack on Ivanka Trump continued on Thursday as CNN journalists condemned the TBS entertainer. Speaking of Bee’s disgusting smear of Ivanka Trump as “cunt,” S.E. Cupp declared: “What she said wasn't just unacceptable. Welcome to the misogyny club. I mean, she's joined by Keith Olbermann, one of the world’s most prolific misogynists.” Cupp continued: “That is a terrible club to be in and Samantha Bee just walked right into it for not reason other than pure, unadulterated hatred of the President and his family.”