The Bold Type: "Legends of the Fall Issue" -Board Meeting

Alexa Coombs | January 24, 2020
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As we usher in the new year, we also get to usher in Hollywood’s many liberal shows that have come back from their winter break. Freeform’s The Bold Type is definitely at the top of the list of leftist agenda-driven shows, and Thursday’s episode “Legends of the Fall Issue” was no exception as the conservative white male characters get put in their place (once again) by the younger, woke social justice warriors.

When we last saw The Bold Type, editor of “Scarlet” magazine, Jacqueline (Melora Hardin), defied the publication’s board members and sent an issue out for publication that the board had explicitly forbidden. On Thursday’s episode, we see the fallout from that decision- Jacqueline has been fired and the forbidden issue has been embargoed.

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