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Blitzer Viciously Maims Guest Over Memo; It’s GOP's Fault ‘Putin Has Succeeded’ [Pt. 1]


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In a sign of just how upset the liberal media are about Friday’s release of the Republican House Intelligence Committee memo, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer decided to become Jim Acosta by viciously interrupting and attacking Congressman Chris Stewart (Utah) and his fellow Republicans. 

Blitzer was hostile from the start, berating Stewart for not releasing “the Democratic minority report” simultaneously and falsely claiming that Republicans have tried to ban the report from seeing the light of day. In reality, that version was done later than the Republican one and thus is further behind in the process. That didn’t seem to matter to Blitzer, of course.

When Stewart called out Blitzer for not discussing with him “the contents of this memo,” Blitzer fired back to dismiss anything inside the memo “[b]ecause the contents of the memo, Congressman, the contents of the memo are being seen as political.”


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