Bitter Nets Tout Investigation into Comey’s Clinton E-Mail Probe


<p>The Big Three networks seemed full of glee Thursday evening as they reported that FBI Director James Comey was being investigated by the Justice Department&rsquo;s inspector general. &ldquo;<strong>Hoping for a measure of vindication,</strong>&rdquo; announced anchor Lester Holt to kick off <em>NBC Nightly News</em>, &ldquo;<strong>The Hillary Clinton campaign is welcoming the surprise news out of Washington today,</strong> <strong>that the Justice Department&#39;s Inspector General will take a deep look into how the FBI handled the investigation&hellip;</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>They were all eager to slam Comey for making things difficult for Hillary Clinton. &ldquo;<strong>You&rsquo;ll remember Director James Comey going public reigniting the e-mail investigation involving Hillary Clinton only to then reveal there was nothing,</strong>&rdquo; declared an angry sounding David Muir on ABC&rsquo;s <em>World News Tonight</em>, &ldquo;<strong>Critics say there is no question it affected the election&hellip;</strong>&rdquo; ABC&rsquo;s coverage was the most viscous, with their senior justice correspondent, Pierre Thomas reporting:</p>

<p><strong>Tonight, the FBI director James Comey under intense new scrutiny. A new Inspector General investigation asking the critical question, &ldquo;Did Comey&#39;s actions in the Clinton e-mail probe violate Justice Department policies and protocol?&rdquo; Something critics have maintained severely hurt Clinton&#39;s chance at the presidency.</strong></p>

<p>Thomas whined that Comey &ldquo;<strong>spent 15 minutes laying out the case harshly criticizing her</strong>&rdquo; before saying he wouldn&rsquo;t bring charges against her. He noted that Clinton&rsquo;s team believes Comey&rsquo;s statements were &ldquo;<strong>devastating</strong>&rdquo; before playing audio of Clinton spokesperson Brian Fallon proclaiming, &ldquo;<strong>If this election had been held ten days earlier, prior to the sending of Jim Comey&rsquo;s letter, Hillary Clinton would be the 45th president of the United States.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>Following Comey&rsquo;s testimony in a Congressional hearing, Thomas seemed to accuse the FBI director of misdeeds by asking, &ldquo;<strong>Director Comey are you comfortable in the role that you played in the election, sir?</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>On NBC, justice correspondent Pete Williams parroted Clinton lines that, &ldquo;<strong>the review should&rsquo;ve been launched much earlier, right after the unusual news conference in July.</strong>&rdquo; &ldquo;<strong>If he opened an investigation then, it might have prevented Comey from sending that letter in October, which I think ultimately might have been decisive in the presidential election,</strong>&rdquo; a Clinton support told Williams.</p>

<p>What they failed to mention was that the investigation would also be looking into whether there as any breach in protocol in Clinton&rsquo;s favor. &ldquo;The OIG investigation is also exploring whether FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe should&rsquo;ve recused himself from the Clinton e-mail case after his wife received about a million dollars for a state senate race from Democrats including longtime Clinton confidant Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe,&rdquo; reported Fox News&rsquo; Catherine Herridge on <em>Special Report</em>.</p>

<p>She also noted that the investigation would include &ldquo;Justice Department Official Peter Kadzik, a longtime friend of Clinton&#39;s campaign manager&rdquo; because of allegations he passed along information regarding e-mail dumps and congressional hearings to Clinton.</p>

<p><em>CBS Evening News</em> was the only network to mention these other facets of the investigation, but they were quick to hammer Comey for not being willing to talk about investigations involving Trump during a Congressional hearing this week.&nbsp;</p>

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