Bitter MSNBC Lefty Jolly: ‘Very Dark Figure’ ‘DeSantis Is Far More Dangerous Than...Trump’

Curtis Houck | May 30, 2023
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

In a segment roundly condemned for its predictability and the shallowness of the bitterly jealous man behind it, Sunday’s Mehdi Hasan Show featured former Florida Republican congressman-turned-supposed free thinker David Jolly proclaiming Florida Governor and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis as both “a very dark figure” and “far more dangerous than Donald Trump.”

Celebrated by academia and the liberal media as an acceptable Republican (who’s supposedly been chased away) and almost certain a key anonymous source for stories like this, Jolly huffed “with conviction” that “DeSantis is far more dangerous than Donald Trump” because Trump’s “willing to ignore the rules, ignore the Constitution, and frankly lead to the incitement of January 6,” but “is a transactional figure.”