Bill Maher's Common Sense vs. Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, and Valerie Plame

papagiorgio200 | October 31, 2013
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In this great dissection of the above named people by Dennis Prager, you get to hear how the left thinks. (Posted by: Religio-Political Talk) Prager's producer "sanitized" the rough language... I reinserted it for context/clarity.

(Fox News) Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Reverend Al Sharpton, and Richard Dawkins all got together to debate religion and... well, need I say more? Sharpton argued every religion has "zealots," but Maher insisted it's not the same and called the comparison "bullshit." Valerie Plame and Moore also pushed back against Maher, making the point that there are plenty of Christian radicals all over the world.

But both Maher and Dawkins argued that unlike Islamic extremists, Christian extremists don't casually throw out fatwas and death threats when their faith is attacked.

^^^^ I.E., even [some] atheists get it.

For the readers information on what I noticed in uploading this to YouTube:

  • YouTube would not let me save my above description with the word I-S-L-A-M-I-C extremists. So I put the word "Muslim" in the text instead. But YouTube is fine with the phrase "Christian extremist." YouTube is making the point Prager is making.
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