Bill Maher Confronts Cuomo, Schools Him on CRT Applied in Classrooms

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 18, 2021
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In an interview that spanned nearly the entirety of the timeslot (minus the commercials), CNN Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo and HBO’s Bill Maher had a conversation that covered everything from former President Trump, to “wokeness,” to Dave Chappelle. But one of the more impactful topics was their back and forth on Critical Race Theory. There, Maher schooled Cuomo on how the racist ideology was applied in classrooms: separating students based on race and the whites called “oppressors.”

After coming back from a commercial, Fredo lashed out at parents opposed to CRT and declared them too stupid to understand even what the letters in the acronym stood for:

You can explain it away as ignorance of what CRT is. Here's my problem with it, and I want to get your take. CRT means nothing to anybody. They don't know what the acronym stands for. It's really not taught anywhere.

Here's the problem. They still get to vote for you. And feel overwhelms facts all the time in elections,” he added.


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