Big Three Networks Censor Clinton Flacks' Catholic Bashing From 2011


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<p>As of the morning of 12 October 2016, the Big Three networks&#39; morning and evening newscasts have yet to cover the Tuesday revelation that the Clinton campaign&#39;s communications director &mdash; along with a close associate of the campaign&#39;s chairman, John Podesta &mdash; bashed Catholicism and evangelical Christianity in an e-mail conversation in 2011. The latter, John Halpin of the left-wing Center for American Progress, denounced the &quot;severely backwards gender relations&quot; inside the Catholic Church. The former, Jennifer Palmieri, replied with a negative remark about evangelicals.</p>

<p>Two cable news networks one-upped their broadcast competitors by devoting air time to the Halpin-Palmieri exchange. A panel on the 11 October 2016 edition of CNN&#39;s <em>Anderson Cooper 360</em> discussed the e-mails for over two minutes. Fox News Channel&#39;s <em>Kelly File</em> actually led their 11 October 2016 newscast with a three minute and 17-second report on how &quot;key Hillary Clinton staffers [are] now taking heat over an e-mail exchange that lashes out at two major faith groups.&quot;</p>

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