‘Big Fan’ Trevor Noah to Andrew Cuomo: Why Are You So Honest?

Scott Whitlock | April 23, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Daily Show host Trevor Noah on Wednesday devoted the entire show to an interview of Andrew Cuomo, fawning over the New York Governor and describing himself as a “big fan.” Noah, who regularly bashes Republicans, also wondered why the Democrat was just so darn honest: “I think everyone is a big fan of yours right now because more than ever during this pandemic, people have sought out leaders who communicate effectively and seem to know what they're trying to do.” The Daily Show host gushed, “One thing you have done as governor that has been particularly unique amongst leaders is you haven't just I think given people platitudes. you came out with really stern warnings really early on. You were very grim in your forecasts. You just told the people what information you had. It’s a very unique way to handle a press conference.”

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