Biased reporting on Gypsy human trafficking in Norway

(not verified) | February 1, 2013
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The following news clip from NRK (the Norwegian State Broadcaster) describes a case in which several Roma adults were convicted of human trafficking. It is important for several reasons:


1. The narrator has a political agenda. 


2. Vital information from the ruling was deliberately omitted, information which revealed the Roma to be violent and depraved in their behavior, rather than innocent victims.


3. The Norwegian media didn't bother to react or attempt to refute the information presented in the story.


The main reason for this media silence is a concerted effort within the political establishment to counter the massive public outcry over the Gypsy invasion of Norway, an invasion which has seen petty crime skyrocket all over the country.


Rather than present the issue more honestly, NRK simply removed the clip from its website...

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