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Betomania: MSNBC Hails ‘Rock Star’ Who Could Be 2020 Nominee No Matter What!


[See NewsBusters for more.] The journalistic swooning for Beto O’Rouke reached epic proportions on Thursday as MSNBC reporters gushed over the “rock star” and the “Betomania” phenomena that surrounds him. But, by far, the most hyperbolic moment came when Andrea Mitchell Reports guest host Peter Alexander insisted that the Texas Democrat might be the 2020 nominee — no matter what! He raved, “A lot of people think this guy's name, if he wins, they think he's the nominee. If he loses, he may be the Democratic nominee.” This is the way the media treats O’Rourke. Either way, he’s a star! Keep in mind, the candidate is currently trailing by seven points and has NEVER led Ted Cruz in a Real Clear Politics poll. 

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