Ben Shapiro On Hollywood Hypocrisy: 'The City That Brought Us The Casting Couch Might Not Be the Best Source For Moral Guidance in Politics'

Ryan Foley | October 9, 2018
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During the third installment of the four-part Ben Shapiro Election Special on Fox News, the eponymous host called out celebrities in Hollywood and the media by name for their hypocrisy over showing outrage about Judge Kavanaugh’s “supposed sexual brutality” but looking the other way when members of their own tribe or the celebrities themselves committed similar atrocities. According to Shapiro, “the city that brought us the casting couch might not be the best source for moral guidance in politics.” Shapiro first brought up the hypocrisy of the celebrities that showed up in Washington to protest the Kavanaugh confirmation, starting with Lena Dunham; who tweeted about the importance of “ensuring that women-people-of every political party are safe” by protesting the Kavanaugh nomination.  Shapiro pointed out that Dunham didn’t always seem to care about ensuring the safety of women; she confessed to sexually abusing her sister in her book, Not That Kind of Girl.

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