Ben Carson Scolds Stephanopoulos for Linking Trump to KKK, Need to ‘Grow Up As a Society’

Brent Baker | June 15, 2020
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On Sunday’s This Week on ABC, HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson scolded host George Stephanopoulos after he tied President Trump to the KKK because Trump’s scheduled convention acceptance happens to fall on the same date of a horrible race crime. “We’ve reached a point in our society where we dissect everything and try to ascribe some nefarious notion to it. We really need to move away from that,” Carson chided. “It really gets to a point of being ridiculous after a while and we’re going to have to grow up as a society.”

Stephanopoulos found it noteworthy that the acceptance speech will occur in Jacksonville, Florida “on August 27th, which is the 60th anniversary of ‘Ax Handle Saturday,’ when a KKK mob attacked mostly black civil rights protesters. Is it appropriate to be having a convention speech on that anniversary in that city?”

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