Behar Is 'Scared' AG Garland Waiting for Evidence to Arrest, 'Jail' Trump

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 10, 2022
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Thursday night was the first in a series of six public hearings put on the Democrat-led January 6 Committee, a spectacle adored by the liberal media. And to show just how important the rule of law and American institutions are, The View’s Joy Behar lived up to ABC standards and decried Attorney General Merrick Garland for waiting to see hard evidence and a report before he took the action she wanted: hauling former President Trump to “jail.”

Coming back from a commercial break, Behar seemed to be trying to convince viewers to have faith in the committee. “So, last night was the first of six televised hearings from the January 6 committee, and they promised that they have the receipts that show Trump is to blame,” she said.

She then turned her ire towards Garland. “Attorney General Merrick Garland promises he'll watch, quote, unquote, ‘as much as he is able.’ Isn't this his job?!” Behar exclaimed. “What other job does this guy have, I would like to know, and when is he going to do something. Then he'll decide after he watches the whole thing, whether or not to arrest him for trying to overthrow the government.”


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