Behar: 'It's Time' For Trump to 'Step Down' Before Our Flag Stands for Communism

Kristine Marsh | December 12, 2016
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The women at The View had a collective meltdown on Monday’s show after hearing ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson was Donald Trump’s rumored choice for Secretary of State. Discussing Tillerson’s ties with Russia and the news from the CIA that Russians may have been trying to influence the election, the panel wondered aloud if Trump had anything to do with the hacking. Whoopi Goldberg emphatically agreed that Clinton wouldn’t have lost the election if the DNC hadn’t been hacked, while Joy Behar speculated why Russia found no dirt on the RNC. An exasperated Behar blamed Trump for “encouraging” the hacking and demanded he “step down” before the inauguration.


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