Bee Trashes JK Rowling as 'Cruel, Rich D***,' Accuses Trump Admin of 'Waging a Full-On War' on Transgender People

Ryan Foley | June 25, 2020
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During a monologue about the epidemic of "harassment and prejudice at home, school, and work" faced by transgender people, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee complained that "even in some women's movements, trans women are left out by trans-exclusionary radical feminists, or TERFS, who hatefully argue that trans women aren't real women." Bee specifically singled out JK Rowling, whom she referred to as a "cruel, rich d***" before proclaiming that "trans women are women and if you disagree, you're not a feminist." Bee also trashed bathroom bills as "stupid and offensive and unnecessary." The left-wing comedian began the second half of her monologue by accusing the Trump administration of "waging a full-on war" on transgender people, citing a "new rule" that "recently removed protections for the Affordable Care Act that insured health care providers can't discriminate against trans people." Bee proceeded to trash an "upcoming Department of Housing and Urban Development proposal" that "will allow single-sex shelters to refuse to accommodate trans people."