BEATDOWN: CNBC Explodes Over Lockdowns, Insists Big Retailers Rule Over Churches

Curtis Houck | December 4, 2020
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

On Friday’s Squawk Box, the CNBC panel devolved into chaos with corporate liberals defending “big box retailer[s]” as necessary and worthy of staying open during the worst throws of the coronavirus pandemic whereas other public places must and should remain closed in the name of public safety. 

While the sentiment on Twitter sided with this blatant discrimination and crippling of the economy (and stated by people in the cushy home studios with salaries in the millions), panelist Rick Santelli stood firm in denouncing this nonsense and the lack of an effort to ensure that the men and women of the service sectors can get back on their feet.

Instead, co-host and New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin insisted “science” was on his side in crushing churches and restaurants while large corporations remain afloat.

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