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Be HARSHER!: Stelter Claims Sharpiegate ‘Coverage Actually Helped Trump’


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CNN media propagandist Brian Stelter kicked off Sunday’s so-called “Reliable Sources” by decrying his colleagues in the liberal media for not being more hostile to President Trump during the “Sharpiegate” snafu. He demanded they stop helping Trump with the language they use and frame it as another episode from an unstable president.

Stelter began the segment with a 1984 reference arguing that Trump’s reference to an outdated projection for Hurricane Dorian was the latest in a wicked plot so he could trick the public. “So that when he says 2 plus 2 is 5, you'll believe him,” he suggested.

That suggestion came from the same man who’s been pushing a conspiracy theory that the President was suffering from a mental illness, without evidence. He even had a pair of nutty shrinks on his show to push his narrative.

To play up the theatrics, when Stelter declared that “the banner on-screen should say, “the president misled the public about a hurricane for a week”. That’s the big story,” the chyron actually changed to what he wanted.

Then, with a suggestion he was telling the “truth”, Stelter claimed “much of the news coverage actually helped Trump. He doesn’t realize this but, a lot of the coverage minimized how serious this episode was.


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