BBC’s Ghattas: DNC Received More Airtime Due to ‘Historic’ Hillary, Smears FNC for Polarization

Curtis Houck | August 1, 2016
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On Sunday, CNN’s Reliable Sources convened, in the words of host Brian Stelter, the “perfect panel” to discuss media coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions that was anything but perfect as it included Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan and Hillary Clinton biographer/BBC reporter Kim Ghattas with only Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik being the person that could be considered to be anything close to a straight shooter. 

In the course of the panel, topics included the notion that fact-checking more things Trump espouses than others are appropriate due to his problems with facts, the DNC rightfully having more coverage than the RNC, and the ironic notion that the Fox News Channel (FNC) has created a culture where viewers could experience confirmation bias of only viewpoints that match their own.

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