Battle of the Bulbs: The Clean Up

MRCTVone | July 25, 2011
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After returning from our day of asking Capitol Hill tourists about the government mandated phase out of incandescent light bulbs that begins in 2012, we got a first hand lesson in how the government expects Americans to handle the impending switch. As MRCTV's Dan Joseph got out of the car in the MRC garage, he dropped the CFL used as a visual aid during the shoot.  CFL's contain Mercury which can be dangerous to humans is they are exposed to it. One might think that taking specific safety measures when disposing of  broken light bulb is a bit alarmist, but as it turns out the very same government that is mandating the sale of the CFL also has endorsed a long series of steps that need to be taken to ensure that your family survives in case an individual breaks one of the bulbs. After receiving no response from light bulb disposal experts at the EPA, Dan took it upon himself to follow the government guidelines to the best of his ability and save MRC from impending catastrophe.