‘Bask in the Good News’; NBC Argues We Celebrate Economy ‘Going in the Right Direction’

Curtis Houck | November 15, 2023
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NBC’s Today had an update Wednesday on inflation following Tuesday’s release of last month’s inflation numbers with prices rising 3.2 percent, but NBC liberals wanted us to “bask in the good news for a minute” with prices falling in all sorts of sectors before conceding “grocery prices are too high” and the public “doesn't feel” the way they’re supposed to (as in positively) about the country’s economic outlook.

“With the holiday season upon us, a lot of Americans are thinking about their money. How far will their money go? Well, the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that, overall, prices have not changed much the last few months, but they're still up more than three percent from last year,” co-host Craig Melvin began before boasting “consumer prices are increasing at a slower rate than we've been seeing.”