Baldwin Laments U.S. Won't Enact Gun Control Quickly Like NZ


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As CNN anchors have repeatedly over the last several days made a point of highlighting vows by New Zealand's prime minster to enact new gun control quickly in response to the recent mosque attacks, CNN Newsroom host Brooke Baldwin went so far as to give a commentary suggesting that U.S. lawmakers have failed by not behaving more like New Zealand.

At 2:28 p.m., while introducing an update on the mosque attack investigation, Baldwin foreshadowed her commentary by observing: "In just 72 hours after the deadly mosque shootings in New Zealand, the government there is acting so quickly to change the naton's gun laws. New Zealand's prime minister is promising reform within 10 days of Friday's attacks."

A few minutes later, after correspondent Martin Savidge appeared live and gave an update, Baldwin followed up:

But here's the thing: Did you notice how quickly New Zealand is taking action on guns -- 72 hours after this attack? At least one gun shop owner is refusing to sell certain guns and the magazines that enable them to use more bullets. New Zealand's biggest online auction site has banned semi-automatics and associated accessories, saying that it is clear public sentiment has changed.

She continued:

The point is this: They have all come together to try and find a solution as fast as possible so this doesn't become routine -- routine. In America, it's just the opposite. Instead of coming together to come up with concrete solutions like this (snaps fingers), each side runs back to its partisan corners, sales of guns often go up after mass shootings. It is a crisis in America no matter which side you are on.

Baldwin then bemoaned that it has been so difficult to sue gun makers as she added:

Whether it is concert goers or high school students or worhipers or first-graders, nearly 40,000 people in the United States died by guns in 2017 -- that is a record high, according to the CDC. And think about this: That Sandy Hook massacre -- that was back in December of 2012. Seven years later -- seven -- the families fighting for justice and for change just learned they can proceed with a lawsuit against gun makers. Proceed with a lawsuit -- that's their victory seven years later.

The CNN host then pivoted to actions in New Jersey to fight against the importation of "ghost gun" components that can be used to assemble guns at home and get around the state's gun laws.

It was not mentioned that New Zealand's gun laws are already strict compared to the U.S., nor was it suggested that loosening gun laws might make people better able to fight off mass shooters or deter them.

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