Baier, Kurtz Call New Yorker Article a 'Fig Leaf' Allowing DNC to Prevent Fox From Hosting Debate

Ryan Foley | March 11, 2019
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While interviewing Special Report anchor Bret Baier, Media Buzz host Howie Kurtz highlighted the hypocrisy of the New Yorker article that complained that many people from Fox went to work in the Trump administration without noting that "this revolving door that the article talks about, hardly unique to Fox News." Kurtz also described the New Yorker article as "like writing an article about The New York Times and saying it’s a totally anti-Trump newspaper and then predominant quotes are from the op-ed page or the editorial page, which is the opinion side, adding "you don't see long magazine pieces about whether CNN and MSNBC are unfair because their opinion hosts at night, night after night, criticize Trump as crazy, unhinged, racist, misogynist, let's invoke the 25th Amendment." The conversation ended with Baier and Kurtz describing the New Yorker article as a "fig leaf" that the Democratic National Committee used as an excuse to prevent Fox News from hosting a debate. According to Baier, "it's basically what they wanted to have happen. It just got them there." 

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