April Ryan Defends Michelle Obama for Speaking 'Her Truth' About Trump

Ryan Foley | April 17, 2019
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CNN has not hesitated to slam President Trump as a sexist in recent months. Believe it or not, the network has now attached that label to a left-wing political figure generally adored by the legacy media: Michelle Obama.  CNN Right Now host Brianna Keilar took issue with some comments made by the former First Lady, where she compared America to a teenager with a "broken family" who has to "spend weekends with a divorced dad and that feels like fun." She was comparing the "divorced dad" to President Trump: "that's what America is going through. We're kind of living with a divorced dad right now." After she finished playing the clip of Mrs. Obama, Keilar declared "that was a sexist comment." Keilar and the rest of the panel did not take issue with the fact that she was taking a shot at President Trump; they were more offended by the way her comments portrayed divorced dads. CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger described the "divorced dads" analogy as a "bad metaphor" but acknowledged "we understand what she's saying, which is...those feelings you had about Donald Trump being for change and all good things will happen have probably worn off with the American people." April Ryan was most sympathetic to Michelle Obama's point of view, saying "it may not have been the best analogy" but still concluded "Michelle Obama is on a book tour and she has spoken her truth." When defining "her truth," Ryan trashed President Trump; talking about how the former First Lady "knows this President and she's talked about Donald Trump putting her children's lives in jeopardy and her life in jeopardy." 

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