Andrew Yang Blasts Media for Smearing Trump Voters as Racist


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In his opening statement during Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate on PBS, businessman Andrew Yang took a few swings at the media for being untrustworthy and smearing good Americans in their pitiful explanations for why Donald Trump was elected president.

“It's clear why Americans can't agree on impeachment, we're getting news from different sources and it’s making it hard for us to even agree on basic facts,” he declared. “Congressional approval rating, last I checked, was something like 17 percent, and Americans don't trust the media networks to tell them the truth.

He then pointed out that the media couldn’t accurately understand why President Trump was elected, so they resorted to using fearmongering and smears to explain it:

The media networks didn't do us any favors by missing why Donald Trump became our president in the first place. If you turn on cable network news today, you would think he's our president because of some combination of Russia, racism, Facebook, Hillary Clinton, and emails all mixed together. But Americans around the country know different.


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