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Andrea Mitchell Bemoans Trump Not Putting ‘Pressure’ on Israel; Netanyahu’s ‘Slap’ at Obama

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<p>Following at joint press conference between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, Andrea Mitchell could not conceal her disgust at the meeting. The MSNBC anchor and NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent first hammered Trump for not putting enough &ldquo;pressure&rdquo; on Israel, then denounced Netanyahu for supposedly taking a &ldquo;slap&rdquo; at former President Barack Obama.</p>

<p>After acknowledging that Trump&rsquo;s approach to Israel represented &ldquo;a great change from the Obama years&rdquo; and an easing of &ldquo;the tension of those years,&rdquo; <strong>Mitchell warned of the &ldquo;downside&rdquo; that &ldquo;Palestinian needs are not going to be addressed at all by the White House, and there won&rsquo;t be any pressure on Israel, or there will be a lot less pressure</strong>, I should say, on Israel to address the needs of the Palestinians in terms of a comprehensive peace.&rdquo;</p>

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