As Analyst Points Out Human Rights Abuses in Cuba, Andrea Mitchell Blames U.S.

Kyle Drennen | May 12, 2015
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On her Monday MSNBC show, host Andrea Mitchell gushed over Cuba's Communist dictator possibly heading "back to Church" and returning to "his Jesuit roots" after a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican: "Cuba's president Raul Castro is praising Pope Francis for helping to thaw relations between U.S. and Cuba....he said that the Pontiff inspired him to consider returning to the Catholic Church."

Turning to NBC's Vatican analyst George Weigel, Mitchell touted "a great welcoming of the Pope to Havana despite the Communist Party's anti-Catholic ideology." Weigel offered a dose of reality to the Castro-loving anchor: "Pope Francis is a shrewd man. And he knows, as you know, that Raul Castro is a very cunning character who may be using the Pope even as he professes to be rethinking his religious position."