‘America’s Conscience’: Kimmel Hopes for Trump Sex Tape, Promotes Stormy Daniels’ Legal Fund


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During his political-centric monologue on Thursday night, “America’s Conscience” and ABC’s late night host Jimmy Kimmel quipped that he’s “never wanted to see and not see anything more than I either do or do not want to see” a Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels sex tape and lobbied for donations to her legal defense fund so any sex tape(s) and/or explicit photo(s) can be made public.

“Meanwhile, there are new developments in the Hussia investigation, that of course, Stormy Daniels, the adult film star, who may or definitely did have sex with Donald Trump. It — she is trying to raise money to pay her legal fees, so she launched ad fundraising page on a website called crowdjustice.com,” Kimmel began to giggles from his far-left audience.

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