Amanpour Pushes Coons to Deride Republicans on Environmental Policy

Cassandra DeVries | June 9, 2023
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Smokey haze from the Canadian wildfires continued to cover the East Coast of the United States on Friday, and PBS’s Amanpour and Company used the air pollution to portray Republicans as opposed to a healthy environment. Ironically, Amanpour’s guest, Democratic Senator Chris Coons (DE) spent his air time promoting a bipartisan bill for a carbon border tax.

Christiane Amanpour commenced the segment by describing the harm caused to innocent civilians by the smoke and segued into a discussion on climate change. “So, do you think something like this, the actual clear and present public health danger that you talk about, and the people are talking about, is actually something tangible that can bring on board climate skeptics, deniers, reluctance, whatever we want to call them?” Amanpour questioned, displaying her distaste for those who might not agree.

“I hope so.” Coons replied, “As you may know, Christiane, I co-founded the Climate Solutions Caucus here several years ago. It's a bipartisan group of 14 senators, seven Republicans, seven Democrats, where, as a group, we agree that the climate is changing because of human activity, and we have to come together to do something about it.”