Amanpour Uses Paris Terrorism Standoff to Denounce ‘Far Right,’ ‘Xenophobic Parties' in Europe


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<p>As the police shootout and standoff early Wednesday morning in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis, France was in its contentious moments, CNN&rsquo;s Christiane Amanpour and guest Julien Theron couldn&rsquo;t help but fret about how the standoff was helping to <strong>&ldquo;literally stok[e] the fires of the far right, anti-immigrant, anti-immigration, xenophobic parties&rdquo;</strong> in Europe.&nbsp;</p>

<p>In an pause between updates from correspondents Atika Shubert and Frederik Pleitgen on the scene, Amanpour turned to Theron for a brief diversion by expressing concern that the raid was contributing to some <strong>&ldquo;very ugly political ramifications.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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