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Alyssa Milano: ‘If I Never Had My Abortions…My Life Would Be Completely Lacking All It’s Great Joys’


If you believe Alyssa Milano's tale, there would be very few joys in her life without abortion.

The pro-abortion publicity machine, who failed to see the irony of going on a "sex-strike" to promote killing babies in the womb, claims she had two abortions even though she was on birth control at the time.

Despite proclaiming she was Catholic at the time she was using birth control and engaging in pre-marital sex, she claims she was "suddenly put in conflict" with her faith after she found out she was pregnant (Maybe she thought the Catholic Church was okay with her activities?).

"I still got pregnant. It was devastating. I was raised Catholic and was suddenly put in conflict with my faith — a faith I was coming to realize empowered only men to make every single decision about what was allowed and what was not allowed. I had a career and a future and potential," Milano says in the current episode of her "Sorry Not Sorry" podcast.

So, she killed her baby's "future and potential" to further her career. Then she got pregnant again and had another abortion, so that career could continue.

"I would not have my career. I would not have the ability or platform I use to fight against oppression with all my heart," she said. 

"Fifteen years after that first love had fizzled, my life would be completely lacking all its great joys," she said. "I would never had been free to be myself — and that’s what this fight is all about: freedom."

Freedom, except for the unborn children who got to die.

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