ALWAYS WATCHING: CNN En Español Begrudgingly Acknowledges MRC Latino

MRC Latino | February 11, 2022
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JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ, CNN: President Biden today in Virginia- part of his efforts to promote his economic agenda. But a new CNN poll is not very favorable to the President of the United States. Let's go to the results of some of the questions asked in this poll taken between January 10th and February 6th. The margin of error is 3.3%. Biden's performance as president- just 41% approve, but 58% disapprove of his performance in this question- the margin of error is 3.5...3.3%. What are the issues that lead poll respondents to approve or disapprove? 46% approve of his efforts to defend democracy, on education- 46, on coronavirus- 45, the relationship with China- 42, with Russia, 42%, on helping the middle class- 41%, on crime- the fight against crime- 40%, and on what hurts people the most, their pockets- just 37% approve of the president's performance. How did the approval rating break down among the different ethnic groups in the United States? Well, let's see what the poll says. Biden's approval rating is at 32% among whites. It's at 69% among Blacks, and among Latinos it is at a 51% approval of the President of the United States- figures that should please our friends at MRC, who always keep an eye on what we do.

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